Welcome to Nowhere by Elizabeth Laird

Brilliant. Gorgeous. Inspiring. Heart-breaking. Heart-mending.

Welcome to Nowhere by Elizabeth Laird is a brilliant story set in Syria based on the terrifying experience of the Syrian refugees. This story will send you on an adventure of guns, fear, friendship, bravery and loss, and is, in my opinion, Elizabeth Laird’s best book yet (although I’ve only read 3 or 4 of her books.).  It interested me a lot that throughout the book, there were occasional illustrations (at the beginning of each part of the book) that were beautiful. I thought, as I looked at them, how hard it must be to draw scenes like those without disturbing the reader, and without making it unrealistic, but Lucy Eldridge did that so well.

Award-winning author Elizabeth Laird brings you a touching story of Omar, 12, and his family and their adventure a they embark on a terrible, but life-changing, experience.

Score: 10/10

Age rating: 10+


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