The Lie Tree by Frances Hardinge

Hello readers! I’ve got another review of a great book for you. Here it is:

The Lie Tree by Frances Hardinge embraced me into the story and once I was a few words in, I was hooked. The opening sentence beckoned me in, not to mention the title and the brilliant cover.

The main plot is focused on a young girl called Faith, daughter of natural scientist and reverend, Erasmus Sunderly. The family go to Vane, an isolated island, where her father needed to do some scientific business. When her father is found dead, Faith also finds one of her father’s famous belongings, the Lie Tree. She is determined to untangle the truth and solve the mystery of the murder of her Dad. All my theories and guesses of the Murderer were wrong and it was a fantastic plot.

The description throughout the story is absolutely phenomenal and Hardinge writes with so much compassion, I love it. I definitely recommend this story to any 9/10 year old or over, as the story can sometimes get quite scary! I really enjoyed this story.


2 thoughts on “The Lie Tree by Frances Hardinge

  1. Kate Gibbon says:

    Hi Olive

    I agree with you in your blog about the lie tree: I too was hooked from the start. Faith is such a bright, ambitious young woman growing up in a time when girls were expected not to be either of those things and you really feel for her facing complicated and sometimes upsetting relationships with strangers and family members. I thought it got quite scary too and I wonder if some 9 year olds might find it too vivid to read. I would definitely recommend it to young teenagers. Francis’s use of language is atmospheric and very Victorian. I am loving your blog.

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