The Mystery of the Clockwork Sparrow by Katherine Woodfine

The mystery of the clockwork sparrow is one of two brilliant books. I love the way that this story is written, it really draws the reader in and engages them with the story. I think Katherine has created a wonderful setting: Sinclair’s Department Store, where the story takes place. I love that the story is set in the Edwardian times and that an original London department store is where most of the story happens. The characters are wonderful; witty, charming and clever and I love that Katherine has chosen these people with there personalities to be the heroes/heroines of this detective story.


The main plot is that the new Sinclair’s jewel (the priceless clockwork sparrow) is stolen and Sophie and her friends have to solve the mystery. Weaved into the robbery is murder, hatred and more. Sophie unfortunately falls under suspicion of being the robber, so she then has to try and get out of that and solve the mystery.

If you are a fan of mystery/robbery/murder then this its the book for you. I, Olive Gibbon, rate it 5/5!


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