My trip to Robin Stevens!

A while ago, my Mum and I travelled to London to meet my favourite author, Robin Stevens. We got there, and went to the amazing British Library where we saw lots of original manuscripts!! After that we went to Covent garden and saw live music, had lots of ice-cream, went window-shopping, tried on perfume and more. We also went around lots of other places in London and had LOADS of fun. Then, at tea time, we went to a place called Honest Burgers where we had a DELICIOUS meal! After this it was off to Waterstones Piccadilly to meet Robin Stevens…

We got there and there were the authors (there were also Katherine Woodfine and Frances Hardinge). They were planning to talk about their new anthology of short crime stories (other authors helped as well) called ‘Mystery and Mayhem’. There was someone who interviewed them and they all answered the questions, it was very interesting as I want to be an author. Then, at the end, there were questions! I asked “Do ideas for stories just pop into your head, or do they take a lot of planning?” and they all answered (including Robin) “A bit of both.” I also got ALL my books signed! After it, there was champaign (I didn’t have any!)

We stayed in a lovely hotel near Hyde Park! In the morning, we both went to the National Portrait gallery. WE saw portraits of loads of famous people, some of which I recognised! It was really great and I loved seeing J.K Rowling! After that we got our train back to North Devon. I absolutely loved the trip.



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